12 November 2010

Creatures Of Style | T A L U L A H 'Desert Dreams' Collection Launch

I had the pleasure of being involved with T A L U L A H labels summer launch in Brisbane on Wednesday with a group of stunning models that really do Brisbane proud! Kelli Lloyd, the creative mind behind the label, is someone i have looked up to for a very long time, and seeing her in action with her lovely partner really inspires my dream of one day being half of a power couple just like them : ) Kimberly Busteed was the host for the evening and even dusted off her modelling heels to walk the runway which was great! Here are a couple of pics post show but to see more, head over to T A L U L A H s facebook page xx


1 comment:

  1. Hi Samantha,

    I noticed your blog on Talaulah and that you attended the "Desert Dreams" launch the other week too!

    I am the Director of "The Little Black Dress Empire" www.tlbde.com, TALULAH is one of only ten labels selected to launch with tlbde.com on 1 December 2010!

    I am inviting bloggers to please visit the website and review, and to also help us celebrate the launch! You will see on our Facebook page that we are running a really cool promo at the moment and it will be drawn this Wednesday, please join in if you like!

    Thank you and I hope you love the site!

    Juliette x



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