30 June 2009

his and hers

ysl at milan fashion week

you know when

You think you’re waiting for help.
For someone to tell you what the right thing to do is.
Even though, at the back of your mind, you already know what that is.
So all you’re really waiting for, is a time when you’re forced to do it.

scratched & stitched

some pics from the parade on friday, designers were absolutely amazing and a huge shout out to event organisers for the unique and lush set up! xx

leigh lezark

super babe living in NY.
she's dj, model and 'it' girl.
triple threat!

thou shall not feel the darkness 24062009

photography : chih-han hsu unsignedworks.blogspot.com
model : hayley bentley @ vivs
styling + mua : samantha ashton samanthashton@gmail.com

23 June 2009

vanilla ciggies

can someone please tell me where i can get these!! flavour country!!

animals shot close up with a wide angle lens



The Boys at apartment have taken a new direction, and although the sneakers are a little less of the focus now, the street style is still there but a lot more refined, and i love it : )



161-163 Elizabeth St. Lower Level,
Brisbane Q 4000


Monday - Thursday11am - 6pm
Friday11am - 9pm
Saturday11am - 5pm
Sunday11am - 4pm

ring ring!

I've never been a lover of tradtional or classic jewellery, tiffany & co just isnt my cup of tea.  For years i held dear to my heart an oversized turquoise hunk of plastic (now that i think of it, quite dinosaur design like) that cost me $2 at the Life Factory at the bottom of the Valley mall.  It was different and everyone seemed to love it.

I have just discovered Steven Shein, who is a Los Angeles based designer who has developed a colorful and innovative jewellery line informed equally by pop culture and formal design.  His designs are bold, colourful and expressive and add a bit of fun to any outfit. These rings are made from silver acrylic and are on a wooden ring, and are only $35! SOLD.

09 June 2009

I N S P I R E | Mary-Paula Ibrahim

This is a shout out to a friend of mine- Mary, who I've know for a good 3 years now.  There are so many events documented thanks to her photographic genius and vision (and skills with a camera in one hand and a johnny in the other : ) and just wanted to thank her for her time, vision and button clicking finger x


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