25 October 2010


I have been on your side all along. It is your head that made up all the stupid assumptions. I wish you had been "naive" enough than you have already been to accept who I was in the past. I will always wait for you. I cant imagine that I'd be with anyone else other than you. I am cleaning up my closet and my clothes. I was cursing what a bastard you were when I dragged my luggage from your house and I hate you so much! I have been on your side all along, however you made me wait...The longer you make me wait, the shorter we will be side by side with each other. I want to wait for you and I will, Love. - anon

i found this randomly, but the relevance is uncanny..

24 October 2010


Brilliant and passionate man - don't be haters, he does what he does better than the rest!

I really enjoy all the small details in each of the scenes that show his attention to detail,
- Bang & Olufsen Television and remote in Kanye's hand, top of the line model
- The production unit he plays on at the "Power" instrumental, years old unit producing such a simple sound which really sums up the direction of this album. SIMPLE WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL
- Antique furniture in the house
- Quails eggs over the banquet table
- The reflection of the clouds in the glass doors

My favourite line would have to be when group are sitting at the banquet table and the gentleman sitting next to Kanye says "Your girlfriend is really beautiful, do you know she is a bird?"
Kanye "I never noticed that"


21 October 2010

19 October 2010

M O D E L S: Anja Rubik

these are by far, my favourite shots of one of my fave models, Anja Rubik.
sharing a similar body shape to my own, i was always a fan of her with shorter hair but these just really work and make me want to grow my hair out again.. hmm

18 October 2010

e g o

this all should have happened a long time ago.. this time last year,
and the waters allowed to settle, time could have passed.
wounds could have healed.
trust rebuilding.

instead you act like i dont cross your mind
we both know that to be a lie.
you're only lying
to yourself.

i can feel it from here.


Natural light
Natural beauty


You're my Devil, You're my Angel
Your're my Heaven, Your're my Hell
Your're my Now, Your're my Forever
Your're my Freedom, Your're my Jail
Your're my Lies, Your're my Truth
Your're my War, Your're my Truce
Your're my Questions, Your're my Proof
Your're my Stress and your're my Masseuse
Mama-say mama-say ma-ma-coo-sah
Lost in this Plastic life,
Lets Break out of this fake ass Party
Turn this into a Classic Night
If we die in each others arms we still get laid in our Afterlife
If we die in each others arms we still get laid

17 October 2010

thistime. thisyear. nexttime. nextyear.

Things fall. Things change.
They wait a year and do it again.
You don't need to fall to change.

not us

This isn't me. It's not you either.

You need to take some time off. I will too. Enjoy your holiday. Enjoy the ones you're with. Enjoy the changing. Next year is your year.

I promise.

I'll speak to you again soon.

I love you.

14 October 2010

Phil Collins Interview

Norwegian TV show Lydverket did an interview with Phil Collins, prefaced by interview clips with Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo, Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller, and Yeasayer’s (LOVE) Anand Wilder talking about their love for Genesis and Collins.

"In The Air Tonight" is one of my favourite songs of all time, and watching Phil's concert "Live in Paris" on fox last year sent shivers down my spine! Would kill to hear him play live.


GUCCI have launched their online boutique just in time for x-mas! loving the new range available and it's great to see the brand's development from this time last year to now.

After spending most of the Hong Kong holiday with tuhinternational eating amazing yum cha, the other parts of the escape was spent missioning through Gucci's mainland and island stores. All the plastic and black from last year has been replaced with raw natural materials in bright colours and excessive embellishment.


see the light

My feelings for you
Have always been real

My light shines brighter
So you can see

star crossed

will we meet again..?
in this life
or in the next

13 October 2010

evol | love

And you tried to find happiness in fancy shoes, a car and colourful watches. You tried to find happiness in power over others and the respect of the people around us. And I appreciate your patience, while you stood there, right in front of me.

Waiting for me to come to my senses..

Just stop

this just can't be summer love



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