24 October 2010


Brilliant and passionate man - don't be haters, he does what he does better than the rest!

I really enjoy all the small details in each of the scenes that show his attention to detail,
- Bang & Olufsen Television and remote in Kanye's hand, top of the line model
- The production unit he plays on at the "Power" instrumental, years old unit producing such a simple sound which really sums up the direction of this album. SIMPLE WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL
- Antique furniture in the house
- Quails eggs over the banquet table
- The reflection of the clouds in the glass doors

My favourite line would have to be when group are sitting at the banquet table and the gentleman sitting next to Kanye says "Your girlfriend is really beautiful, do you know she is a bird?"
Kanye "I never noticed that"



  1. he does what he does better than the rest. mmm I'll bet he does

  2. I would just like to thank my biggest fans, and the interest generated over this post.

    Although hiding from behind anonymous comments or false identities is quite gutless don't you think?

    Regardless, the content of your comments are in fact incorrect, which goes to show you are living off gossip and not actual facts which is very high school kiddies, but if you would like to know exactly what happened that evening i would be more than happy to fill you in at your earliest convenience.

    Let me just point out that the hate you have festering inside you will grow like a cancer until it consumes YOUR life, not mine. please feel free to email me with your interest: samanthashton@gmail.com

    ciao for now xx



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