28 April 2009

Full Moon Fury

The moon represents our human self and the full moon in particular symbolizes the state of wholeness that human being attains at full self-realisation.  It is the state when our self-realisation comes into full circle just as moon after going through its phases finally reach the all glowing full-moon stage.

I have always been aware of the affect the moon and its phases have on our behaviour, especially those closest to me.  I find it difficult getting to sleep if I step out into the moonlight, and end up encountering the worst fights, or the happiest nights depending on the strength of the full moon.

Even though I didn't notice the full moon coming, I felt its force and uncertainty days ago..


sync iPod | Frozen, Madonna

i forgot how emotional and deep this song is.
one for the mixtape.

27 April 2009

raf simons

more from raf simons sso9 range.  completely opposite to the other pieces in the range but still holding the same essence and although i love the clean and constructed stitching as seen in my previous post, still i really dig the (organised and tedious) chaos of these.


These are the first photos from our amazing whirlwind trip to Hong Kong! We dined at Aqua Restaurant and ate the tastiest Japanese. Just a romantic dinner and a quiet night after a big day of shopping. Travelling is so wonderful with you @tuhinternational xxx oki-ni presents LOVEANDHAPPINESS by Jacques Renault by oki-ni

22 April 2009

on lonely nights i lay awake..

in a way its all
a matter of time
i will not worry for you
you'll be just fine

take my thoughts with you
and when you look behind
you will surely see a face that you recognise

you're not alone, i'll wait til the end of time
open your mind, surely its plain to see
you're not alone, i'll wait til the end of time for you
open your mind, surely there's time to be with me..

it is the distance
that makes life a little hard
two minds that once were close
now so many miles apart

i will not falter though
i'll hold on til your home
safely back where you belong
and see how our love has grown


lyrics from "youre not alone - olive"

take off your cool | then lose control |

Mrs So-Fly crash lands in my room..

20 April 2009

neither heaven nor hell..

so tell me how do you do
finally i meet you
you (do) don't know what i've been through
waiting and wondering about you
i had a dream my trip would end up at you
and now i know paradise

Katie Eary AWo9

this may come as a surprise considering the shoot for Katie Eary AWo9 has been done with a woman model but her garments are actually made for men!  regardless of that fact, i do believe the studded pants from the top image would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe..

19 April 2009

Jeremy Laing

i love the simple act of strutting down the street, dress flowing behind me and feeling like a goddess

01 April 2009

I Wrote This For You

the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances;
if there is any reaction, 
both are transformed.


Heaven On Adelaide Aveda Campaign
photography: Nelson Lai
hair: Andrea Hassall
mua: Helen Beckett
model : Samantha Ashton


Awesome shot by Brisbane photographer Lara Milenko.

I N N E R V O I C E | Two People

I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.


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