29 November 2010

Hermes Paris

It is such a great thing to experience the attention to detail produced from designers, artists, creatives alike through a retail space. They have the power to transform. The power to pull you out of the daily grind of city life, and take you somewhere whimsical.

Hermès just opened their new flagship store in Paris, Rive gauche. Built in a 1935 old swimming pool of 2,500 square meters, decorated by Denis Montel out of amazing disposable wood structures.

“It is a new stage for Hermes, confirms Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director. We finally crossed the Seine. What is new for us, it is the rise to power of the universe of the house, of arts of the table. We republish the timeless furniture of Jean-Michel Frank. One will explore the carpet, the wallpapers, the furnishing fabric.

Architecture Firm: Rene Dumas architecture Interior (RDAI)


17 rue de Sèvres

75006 Paris

Tel : 01 42 22 80 83

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