29 November 2010

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo for Elle Germany December 2o1o

Not being a big Olivia Palermo fan, her modelling work has never really been on the radar- being fed with a silver spoon and with an attitude to match is particularly uninspiring for whatever reason it may be. People who are passionate about making a mark on the other hand, VERY attractive!

Regardless, the latest shoot for Elle Germany with her real life partner does take our fancy as seeing real life couples telling a story through high fashion editorials is kind of like taking a peak into their life/or fantasy life and thats always something must bring out the voyeur.. Palermo and Johannes Huebl do fine job at that letting us in.

This has always been something I have wanted to do with my partner but unfortunately has not happened as yet, although there have been plenty of Hotel moments we always managed to be occupied with other things.

- Samantha

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