13 January 2011

Style Crush: "Style By Kling" Elin Kling

Style Crush, and just quietly 'Girl Crush' of ours, Malin Elin Erica Kling , born on February 17th 1983, is a Swedish fashion journalist and blogger at TV4's website. Kling was discovered as a teenager in a hotel reception where she practiced. She then received a model contract and began working as a model around the world with Milan as her base. She returned to Sweden after a while, because she did not want to be away for long.  She has since gone on to become a fashion profile in Sweden with a job as fashion editor of Expressen, Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Nice collection of pics, I recently came across Elin and her success story and thing she is amazing! I have a video about her on my blog if you are interested.



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