03 January 2011

2010 - 2011

2010 felt like a big back burn.  You know that point when all the dry old dead wood is taken to with a torch  and burned off under a controlled environment? Yep, that was my year in a nutshell.  Whether I intentionally back burned is questionable, as the universe has a funny way of sending you messages and whether you choose to listen is a whole other thing.  I listened, and have reaped the benefits of making the hardest decisions and it opened up the door for new beginnings. 

2011 is going to be the year where all the wasted energy that was burned off last year, finds the strength through the nourishment of the sun, rain and time, to grow fresh and strong.

What to expect from us at ASH TO GOLD 
- Debut collection!
- Official website is under construction which will include online shopping - heaven
- ASH TO GOLD will be available in retail boutiques throughout Australia - come play with us
- FASHION WEEK (which one..?  its a secret for now) stay tuned!
- Some great collabs, one with a well known Australian label, and a few talented photographers!
- Dressing international bloggers and celebs; definitely watch this space!
- Showing the rest of the world what ASH TO GOLD has to offer: here's looking at you TOKYO . MILAN . NEW YORK . PARIS . SEOUL . BARCELONA . LONDON. LA

With so much creative energy flowing from our finger tips its hard to contain our excitement! 

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful year with you

 x  L O V E   +   L I G H T  x

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