06 May 2011

ASH TO GOLD HQ | RAFW | What We Think

Over at ASH TO GOLD HQ, we are questioning the credibility of the majority of Australian bloggers on the topic on RAWF, and Australian Fashion Week in general, as it seems there is a lot of social mountaineering happening and not a great deal of innovation. 

It seems if you are graced with an invite to a show, you immediately aquire knowledge of the industry.. This is in fact NOT the case, and it shows with the amatuer write ups.  The likes of which getting excited over the possibility of a naked girl or 20 backstage.  Seriously, grow up. Being naked is something we all are on a daily basis, and is not somethng to blog about. 

With the influx of blogger popularity offshore, it seems Australia, lacking in it's own strong identity has the tendacy to leech onto the tail coats of other cities and it all seems like a ripple effect.   This is fine to take inspiration and re interpret trends but the blatant forgery is just simply boring.  We have noticed this all week with designs showcased and it seems the naive excitement of a runway show or some pretty girls is a bit over whelming for most, and very under whelming for those who have seen this before.  Yes the shows are wonderful(?), but they bloody better be or there would be a lot to answer to!

Sure, you're thinking "Where do you get off saying this about our fellow industry peeps?" Here's where we get off: the fact that we have immersed ourselves in ALL aspects of the industry first and foremost. Admiring, Consuming, Modelling, Styling, Buying, Coordinating, Researching, Learning, Listening and NOW Creating, that's why!  Oh, and because we made a promise to always push the boundaries.  To never be restricted by what is kosher or acceptable and NEVER listen to what 'everyone' else says about something we hear deep within us.  That's why.

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