03 March 2011

sync iPod | oki-ni presents PARIDIZIAK by Chaim

oki-ni presents PARIDIZIAK by Chaim by oki-ni

MIX SERIES is a platform for us to showcase our favourite acts each week via free downloadable podcasts. 

Working with our favourite DJs, bands and producers the series aims to ‘venture off the dancefloor’; allowing the artists involved to produce unique and personal snapshots of their record collections.

Each release is accompanied by a limited edition t-shirt featuring commissioned artwork that embodies the spirit of each mix.

We have been following OKI-NI for the past few years and this is just another reason why, not only are they stocking some incredible mens wear, they are integrating their brand on all sensory facets.  We check their page on a weekly basis to get a mix and discover the new threads through their store.

Thanks OKI-NI!

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