24 November 2009

Natasha Poly Ghost

i'll admit, i'm the first to bypass most video postings on blogs but PLEASE do yourself the favour to just click play and check out this AMAZING production.  never a great fan of Poly's until seeing this, the audio behind it is fantastic aswell

Model/ Natasha Poly
Director/ Marco Brambilla

"MUSE magazine pays tribute to one of the most coveted and hardworking supermodel of all time. Lithe foreheaded beauty, Natasha Poly pushes boundaries and proved that she is a true morphing chameleon; taking any roles with self-possession.

The Russian who usually personify an expensive elegance, was captured looking phantasmal and intensely possessed. Artistically shot, Poly’s facial expressions were simply mind blowing; making a fluid transition from tranquil calamity to manic hysteria. So much emotion were radiating from this piece of art, its almost impossible not to notice how captivating the video is."

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